How To Make Candyfloss

Everybody loves the sweet taste of candy floss. If you have wondered how to make candy floss in your own home, wonder no more! The great taste of candy floss can be yours thanks to the many home candy floss machines that are now on the market.

Candy floss can only usually be found at the seaside or fairground but now you can recreate those special summer days by investing in your own candy floss machine. These versatile and fun machines are easy to use and only require one or two ingredients – sugar and colourings.

Simply pop a spoon of sugar into your candy floss maker and the question of how to make candy floss at home is instantly answered. You can either choose to have plain candy floss or add a couple of drops of food colouring as the candy floss machine spins. Pink is of course the traditional choice whilst green is great for Halloween.

Once your turn on your machine it will start whizzing the sugar round and round. As it gets faster you can start collecting the candy floss on your stick just like they do at the fair! You’re sure to have an enthusiastic bunch of people waiting for theirs behind you! Experiment with different colours, have fun and above all else ensure that you have enough for everybody – remember you only need sugar and a little food colouring and you’re all set.

If you are wondering how to make candy floss for all the family a candy floss maker is definitely the answer. Cheap to buy and run this will be one gadget that is brought out time after time. It’s great for birthdays and BBQs and could even be used at Christmas to make snow candy floss if you don’t add any colouring. The possibilities are endless!

There are many candy floss makers on the market and all come with instructions on how to make candy floss the easy way in the comfort of your own home. Treat your family to something extra special this weekend. Make them yummy fresh candy floss in the kitchen and settle down for a movie night or even recreate all the fun of the fair in your own living room.

So delight your friends and family with unique gourmet flavours everyone will love. New halogen technology means this candy floss maker can make more candy floss per minute than those with older heating technology; which means you get even more fun for your money!

Simple and easy to use
Great for all the family - Use to make easy treats for all occasions, from birthdays to BBQs.
Easy to clean and store - Detachable, dishwasher proof bowl and splash guard